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Somerset company highlights low impact of solar panels

22-01-2013 Somerset company highlights low impact of solar panels
Posted by Robert Shields

A Somerset firm proposing a £1.1 million solar photovoltaic panel site has underlined the benefits of the energy-saving devices.

The Wedmore Community Power Company has proposed two installations on land at Mill Farm and is awaiting planning permission from Sedgemoor District Council, the Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury reports.

At a public meeting held to present the plans to local residents, the company said rows of solar panels will be placed a metre above the ground and could generate enough electricity to power the entire village of Wedmore.

Founding member John Whitten said: "This is a low-impact development which will take four to six weeks to install.

"The panels are removable, so there is no use for cement or concrete."

He went on to note that the devices could last for up to 40 years and will eventually be removed completely, leaving the land in the same state as before the installation.
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