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Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pump technology involves equipment which transfers energy from one location to another using the refrigeration process.  It transfers low temperature energy to a refrigeration loop, compresses the gases to a high temperature and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating distribution system.  No matter how large or small the building, we will have a heat pump system to meet your needs. Our systems range from a single 6kW unit to multiple units with a single controller producing around 300kW.  Domestic hot water storage is also provided using 180 to 1000 litre pressurised vessels designed specifically for our heat pumps.

Grant AvailableWhere there is plenty of land available, horizontal closed ground loops are normally the most cost effective method. Polyethylene pipe is laid in trenches approximately 1m deep and a mixture of water and food grade anti-freeze ('brine') is circulated to collect energy from the ground.
Where space is tight, vertical boreholes incorporating vertical closed ground loops may be the answer. They can range from 25m - 150m deep but can be expensive when compared to horizontal closed ground loops and depending on the location. A closed polyethylene U-tube is placed in the borehole and a mixture of water and anti-freeze is circulated to collect energy.

Ground source heat pumps offer financial savings over conventional heating methods and our professional design service will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit for your building. Ground Source Heat Pumps will significantly save on carbon emissions when compared with all other fossil fuels.

Product Benefits:

  • No need for an oil or gas boiler!
  • Provides all of your heating and hot water needs
  • Two year parts and labour warranty
  • Can be monitored over the internet for user confidence and security
  • Mains pressure hot water cylinders from 180 litres to 1000 litres
  • Saves 50% in energy costs against conventional systems
  • For every 1 unit of electricity used an average of 4 units of heat are produced meaning 75% of your energy comes from your own power plant under your garden, the other 25% comes from the electricity used to drive the heat pump
  • 20+ year's system lifetime and no annual servicing
  • Quality Assured units from Swedish manufacturers with over 30 years of design and operational experience
  • Inflation and tax proof investment, the government cannot tax your garden!
  • No risk of explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning
  • No need for gas connections or fuel tanks
  • Use under floor heating, radiators fan coils or a combination
  • Energy efficiency average 400% across the year compared to boilers that are typically 70 - 95%. They also maintain their efficiency over time whereas boiler efficiencies reduce dramatically over time
  • Always available whatever the weather, day or night

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Technical Information

Basic drawing explaining how a ground source heat pump works:

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